Margreet Atelier van Schaijck

Atelier van Schaijck is a one women business, run by me Margreet. I’m 33 years old, live in Amsterdam, love my job as a creative strategist at a sustainable consultancy agency and recently became the mom of the loveliest boy called Floris.🤍

I started to work with clay a few years ago when I was feeling overworked and was looking for a hobby that didn’t involve any screen time. I got some lessons and started with handbuilding, but was really looking forward to working with a pottery wheel.

When I finally got a wheel everything fell into place. Sure, it is difficult (although it doesn’t look like it), but it brought me exactly what I was hoping for: a meditative practice. Working on the wheel requires your full concentration because you’re always only one distraction away from the laws of gravity wrecking your work. So focus and a clear head are almost guaranteed!

After a while our house got so full of ceramic items that I decided to see if I could sell something - hoping that I could cover a little of my costs, because it’s not a cheap hobby. One thing led to another and here we are now. I still love to combine all sorts of ceramics techniques and make both functional ware (tableware) and artwork (like sculptural items, vases and lamps).

After a while I found a good flow to keep things manageable: every six to eight weeks I upload a new batch of available work to my website. Usually that's a collection of your favourites and some new pieces I’ve been working on.

I feel incredibly lucky to do something I'm so passionate about and to share it with all of you. I truly hope you enjoy following along.

Love Margreet