Ceramics Workshop at your home - taster class (beginner)

Ceramics Workshop Amsterdam - taster class (beginner)

Have a taste of how it feels to work with ceramics and make your first ceramic object!

What about a ceramic workshop with a group of friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon at your own dinner table? Sounds great, right? These taster class workshops are a great introduction to working with clay. During the afternoon I will take you through the basics of working with clay and you will be making your first ceramic work. In this 2,5 hour workshop you will be making one medium size item (a pitcher, a vase or a sculptural object) or two smaller pieces (such as a mug and a breakfast bowl) with a variety of handbuilding techniques. You choose the glaze of your preference and after the workshop I will bake your objects and glaze them for you. After 4-6 weeks you can pick up your work. Clay, glaze and firing included. 
HOW? You gather a group of friends (at least 5), choose a date and make space at the biggest dinner table you have amongst those friends. I will do the rest! Bring all the tools you need and enough clay to work with. I take everything home to fire the items and 6 weeks later you can pick up the items (or I send them by postal service). max. 8 people.
Technique: handbuilding (no wheel trowing)
Location: In and around Amsterdam (+ 20KM)
Price€ 75,- per person (Clay, glaze and firing of one medium size or two smaller items included ) 
Booking: send an email to ateliervanschaijck@gmail.com